Be Kind

This week has been a really tough week for me. I am not sure if it is the stress from having to stay home, hormones, or a combination of those things. It has just been a very tough week. To top it off I had to step into an unfortunate situation this week involving my daughter in which I had to defend her. It was definitely not what I needed on top of a week that was already turning out to be a stressful one for me. I know I should never complain. It most definitely could be much worse. My family is healthy and safe, and that I am thankful for. Especially with everything going on from this terrible virus that is invading our lives. As we all know though, even when we are thankful for good things, sometimes the sadness can still creep in.

As I mentioned in another blog, I do suffer from anxiety. It is something I have dealt with my whole life. The area I suffer the most is social anxiety. It is so difficult for me to be in crowds, or in groups of people, both big and small. I know, it doesn’t make since why then the quarantine would be adding to my stress, because it takes me away from all that. The stress comes from just not being able to live our lives in the “normal” way we are accustomed to. I am stressed for my kids and the activities, memories, and friends they are missing. I am stressed for my husband and the extra burden he is having to carry financially. I am stressed that someone in my family will become ill. Basically, I just stress over everything, and do enough worrying for everyone. It is just my nature.

Even though this week has been hard, and the stress has seemed to be an extra burden for me this week, I can still say I have grown a lot over the past few days. That growth has come because I was reminded of the importance of being KIND to everyone. I will say this week, kindness was something that was a challenge for me. No I am not a mean hateful person, but the burdens that were on my heart was making it difficult to reach for that kindness. The stress I was feeling made me just want to lay around and be sad. I had no energy, and not much motivation to do anything. And then I also had the unfortunate incident with my daughter. I can honestly say when this happened, kindness was not something that came to my mind. They hurt my daughter, so my first reaction was that I wanted to hurt them in return. Fortunately , I took some time to pray and reflect before I took any action. As a Christian, I wanted God to guide me in how to handle the situation. Somehow, I was able let the stress from the week go, and I dealt with the situation with kindness and respect. Was this difficult to do? Yes. Especially because my daughter was hurting. Did I receive kindness back? Unfortunately no. I actually received rudeness and negativity in return. And guess what? I am ok with that. After the anxiety I was feeling from the week, you would think that I would not be. However, I had to get back in touch with reality and realize who I really was, and show others the same thing. I never want to be seen as an ugly, rude person. I want to be seen as someone who shines light, love, and kindness no matter what the circumstances. Yes, this week was tough for me and no matter how many times I tried to just give my worries to God, a new one would come in. So the burdens felt heavy. But I did not want those burdens to make me into something that I was not.

We should always be mindful that no matter what is going on in our lives, there is never an excuse to be unkind to anyone else. The stress we are feeling at home, work, or anything else should never carry into how we choose to treat others. Kindness and respect should always be our top priority. Yes, even when someone hurts us. I know, as I said this is so difficult to do. I was faced with that this week. You never know, though, what others are dealing with also. They may be having a bad day or bad week, and their behavior is reflecting that. Your words to them may be the only thing they hear that day. Do you want to add to someone’s burdens or ease them? I want to be someone’s light for the day, even if they do not want to see it. Even if they have nothing kind to say to me, I want to show them my heart is not only full of love and kindness, but a reflection of grace and kindness. Isn’t that what God commands us to do? To love, respect, forgive, and treat others like we would like to be treated?

Take the time to always treat people with kindness, and yes there will be times you do not get it in return. Just remember the light you shine today, will be remembered tomorrow. So be the reason someone smiles today because you never know what someone is going through. Let’s all make the world a kinder place for all of us.

Be kind to one another, tender hearted, forgiving each other, just as God also in Christ forgave you. Ephesians 4:32.

I hope each of you are covered in many blessings and an abundance of kindness today.

Love and hugs,


Family Dinner Favorite

Dinner in my home is always a big deal. You would think I lived in a house full of boys, instead of girls for the amount of food my children consume. I mean, they are big eaters!!! They love their food and they are always asking for me to go the kitchen and cook them something. My 18 year old daughter jokingly says “Woman, get in that kitchen and fix me some food.” She’s our comedian, can’t you tell? Coming up with good dinner ideas for my big family can be challenging sometimes. Especially coming up with dinner ideas that are easy and will feed a large family. Most of the time I have to double any recipe I make. My 11 year old is also a pretty picky eater also, so when I cook I always have to keep in mind the things she will actually eat.

I love to browse Pinterest for different dinner ideas. I also love cookbooks. I have a pretty big collection that I have accumulated over the years. I recently have pulling a lot of recipes out of my cookbooks lately. One of my favorites ones was a gift my oldest daughter got me for my birthday, The Pioneer Woman Cooks, Come and Get It. I would say I have been reaching for this particular one a lot lately. The recipes are not very difficult, and are pretty fast and easy for a busy family.

This book can be purchased at Walmart, Target, and many other stores. I also found it available on Amazon. Anyone who is a Pioneer Woman fan, or just looking for some easy delicious recipes, would definitely enjoy this book.

I have made several recipes from this cookbook. One of our favorites we tried again this past week, slow cooker glazed ribs. This is a delicious recipe that your whole family will love, and we can’t forget it is done in the crockpot!! Anything I can do in the crockpot is a favorite in my book. You definitely can purchase the book and find the recipe or look online for the recipe as well. I am also posting it here on my blog for an easy reference.

Slow Cooker Glazed Ribs


2-3lbs of pork loin ribs or baby back ribs

1 Large onion

12 garlic cloves

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

1 cup plum preserves

1/2 cup ketchup

1/2 cup Barbecue sauce

Several dashes of hot sauce


  • Cut the ribs in half and place them in the slow cooker
  • Add the onion, garlic, salt, and pepper
  • Place the lid on the cooker and cook on low for 8 hours, make sure you don’t keep lifting the lid.
  • After 8 hours, strain off all the cooking liquid, make sure not to strain garlic or onions.
  • Make the sauce in a bowl combining preserves, ketchup, barbecue sauce and hot sauce. Stir these together until combined.
  • Pour sauce over the ribs and move the ribs around a little to make sure the sauce is on the ribs as much as possible. Ribs are tender at this point, so be gentle.
  • After sauce is added, continue to cook for 15 minutes.
  • Remove ribs to cutting board to separate.
  • Serve and enjoy!!

I promise that you will love this recipe!! We served with some good southern corn on the cob, and had a perfect dinner that everyone enjoyed. Give it a try!!!

Love and hugs,


Happy Easter

“For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not die but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to be its judge, but to be its savior.” John 3:16-17.

In my lifetime, I have never not gone to church to celebrate Easter. Even people who do not regularly attend church would either go to some type of service or would the spend the day with family and friends to recognize the Easter holiday. My family would always attend church, have a wonderful dinner together, and do a huge outdoor Easter egg hunt for the kids. It is a tradition we all looked forward to every year. Who doesn’t look forward to good food, fun, and all the yummy easter candy? Reese’s peanut butter eggs and Cadbury eggs are two of my favorites, YUM!! More importantly though, as a Christian, Easter is one of the most important holidays. The celebration that Jesus is Alive!!

With everything that is going on the world right now, the normal Easter celebrations are going to look much different . In person church services are canceled and most services will be streamed online for people to watch at home. Instead of families dressing up in their matching, colorful Easter attire, they will be watching the service from their couch in PJ’s or leisure clothes. Small dinners with our family will be served in our home, and no large family celebrations will be taking place. Kids will not be going to take pictures with the Easter bunny and doing community Easter egg hunts. Instead parents will be trying to think of creative ways to hide eggs in and around our homes. The normal traditions of Easter that we all take part in will look much different this year.

My girls last Easter

Even though things are looking very different this Easter, we all must remember the reason for the holiday. It never was about the large gatherings, the dinners, and it certainly wasn’t about the Easter Bunny or egg hunts. Easter is about the death and resurrection of Jesus. One thing I know for certain is that the true meaning of Easter over the years has become lost. People get so caught up in buying pretty clothes and putting together baskets, or attending big community events, that they lose sight in what the true meaning really is.

I am certainly not happy in everything that is happening right now, and the havoc COVID-19 is taking in our lives. However, I am happy that my family will be able to shift focus on what Easter really means to us. That we will be able to celebrate without all the extras distracting us. We will just truly be able to celebrate Jesus as a family. Hopefully everyone across the world will be able to do the same. They will take away the bunny, the eggs, and the baskets and remember what the holiday is truly about.

As I sit and think about what Easter means, it also brings me comfort in what is a very dark time in our lives. The death and resurrection of Jesus teaches us not to fear. Even when we face death, do not fear. The love God has for us is so strong that it even defeats death. Easter is about love. God’s love is greater than anything. With his love we are strong, we are conquerors, and we are complete. Easter is about hope. Hope for our present and our future. The gift of Jesus brings hope into all our lives. Easter teaches us to be strong. No matter what is going on around us, or what people may be doing, God is always stronger. God is stronger than this virus , and it will be defeated.

I encourage each of you to gather with your families and celebrate the true meaning of Easter. Let your husbands, wives, children and others know what Easter means to you. Take advantage of this time we have to shift your focus to the one that is above it all. Let it bring you and your family peace during this difficult time. Remind yourself and others that perfect love always wins. Love defeats it all.

I pray each of you have a very blessed Easter with your families. I pray that each of you are covered with God’s perfect love and abundant blessings today.

“I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die. Do you believe this?” John 11:25-26.

Love and hugs,


Strong Faith

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. Proverbs 31:25.

As a Christian there are many people that I have admired and been inspired by throughout my journey. I have had the privilege of being witness to several woman who have been shining examples of not only Christians, but mothers, wives, leaders, entrepreneurs, and friends. There are strong women everywhere. Society over the course of the past several years has also began, I feel, to celebrate and empower women more than they have ever done in the past. As a mother of four daughters, it is important to me that they become strong women, and by having good examples of that it will definitely help guide them along the way.

Of all the strong women I have had the privilege to know one of the ones I admire the most is my husband’s grandmother, Billie. I remember when I was a teenager and first began to date my husband she welcomed me into the family instantly. It was like she had known me forever. I knew from the first moment I met her that there was something very special about her. There really are no words to describe what it is. Her spirit was just magnetic. You can’t help but to be drawn to her. Billie has always been one of those ladies who was always doing for others, but rarely doing for herself. I remember anytime we would call and tell her we were craving some of her delicious gravy and biscuits, she would stop what she was doing and make it for you. Once Ryan and I were married and had children she was always cooking for us, buying gifts for the girls, and volunteering to babysit. Oh, she always loved to babysit the girls, they had the best time together.

Billie has always just enjoyed life and she really doesn’t let much bring her down. She always finds a way to have joy in her heart. That joy comes from the relationship she has with God. Since I have know her, God has always been at the center of her life. Nothing ever came before that. To her, that is where all the blessings flow. Her faith has all been something I have so admired. Yes, I have faith, but hers is not easily shaken. For someone who has been through everything that she has, and still have unwavering faith, now that is something. Billie, in her lifetime, has lived through wars, depression, deaths of many loved ones ( including her husband), a stroke, the current pandemic , and many other trials. Yet, with all these, her faith has always remained strong. The stroke Billie had a few years ago left her confined to a wheelchair. She was always so active and overall healthy. I remember her always playing on the floor with my girls, singing, dancing, playing jokes on people(she loves to do that), she could do anything we could. But now she is unable to move her legs, and has weakness in her arms as well. Despite all this, she has the best attitude. She not one time has ever complained or asked why me? Her faith remains strong. Through it all, and even what is happening in the world now, she just smiles and says “Well, we are just going to pray about it.” And that is exactly what she does.

The whole Johns crew

I can tell you this I will spend the rest of my life to strive to be more like Billie. To always keep God as the center of my life, to always keep joy in my heart, to laugh and love with abundance, and to have such a strong faith that nothing will hold me down. The world would be a much better place if we could all be even half of the person she is. I pray that each and every person that reads this will develop a strong faith that never waivers no matter what storms you are facing. I am so blessed that I have someone like Billie in my life, and I pray that you do too.

God is within her she will not fall. Psalm 46:5

I pray for health and safety for all of you today and that each of you are covering with many blessings.

Love and hugs,


A Dog’s Love

People have many different ways of dealing with stress and anxiety. Exercise, journaling, reading, going on a trip, talking to a friend/counselor, going to church/praying are just a few examples of common activities people take part in to help in times of need. I have done all of these, and they have been very helpful to me. However, we all know everyone is different. One thing may help someone better than another. That’s ok. We are all programmed to deal with difficult things in our own unique way. For some people stress/anxiety/depression may be something that they deal with on a daily basis. Others, it may be something that comes in waves, or when a big event happens. Either way, there are coping mechanisms out there to assist in making things easier for everyone.

One of my favorite coping mechanisms that I have is something that is truly simple. I just hang out with my DOGS!! Ok, I know there are many people out there that are going to say “This lady is crazy!!”. I understand the criticism. However, if you are a dog person like me you will get me. I mean who else wags their tail and wiggles their entire body when I walk through the door? I am lucky sometimes to get my kids off the couch or off their phone sometimes to even say hello. My dogs are always happy to see me. I have never not had them greet me with nothing but pure enthusiasm each time I walk through the door. How can this not instantly make you feel better no matter what type of day you have had?

Lola and Penny
My grandpup Ollie(We call him Bean)

A dog’s love is so pure. They do not care what you look like, how you smell, how much money you have, what type of car you drive, or any of the things that some of us classify as important. All they want is to love you and for you to love them in return. They do not ask for much. Just a big belly rub, to throw the ball, take a ride in the car, go on a walk, or just hang out on the couch. The simple things in life is all they need. Would the world not be a better place if we could just think and be like dogs sometimes? If the simple things would be all that we needed? That in itself, would be a giant stress-reduction. To stop worrying about the big things and just enjoy the simplest of things.

The unconditional love of a dog truly just helps me melt away some of the stress I have of everything that is going on around me. When I cry, they lick away my tears are they lay tenderly beside me and never leave my side. When I just need to get out and take a walk, they are happy to join me every step of the way. They notice when I am feeling down, and bring me their toy to play. Just watching them bounce around and play without the weight and worry of the world, truly just brings a smile to my face, and instantly makes me feel better. They live life so carefree, and from moment to moment. They don’t worry about the days ahead, they don’t hold grudges. they live each day with as much excitement as the last. Again, if we could just live life more like they do I believe their would be more joy in all of our hearts. The joy of being CAREFREE!!

No matter what your coping mechanism may be I encourage each of you to utilize those techniques. Be sure to always take care of your mental health. Never neglect it!!! And if you don’t have a dog, I encourage each of you to consider getting one. There are many dogs out there that need homes, and would love to become a part of your family. The love they bring to a home is indescribable and although they are a big responsibility they are more than worth it. I promise they will bring a smile to your face even during the hardest of days.

I pray each of you are safe and healthy today. I pray each of you are smiling, full of joy, and covered in may blessings today.

Love and hugs,


Be Still

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth. Psalm 46:10.

I don’t know about everyone else but I am one of these people that wants an answer to EVERYTHING!! If I don’t know the answer myself then I go searching for it. I ask others, I read books, I search on the internet or social media or reach for anything that will help me find the answer I am looking for. I honestly cannot stand to not have the answer for everything. It is so hard for me to not have an explanation for some things. It really just stresses me out!!! I also do not just want the answer for me, but I also want to find out all the answers for my kids, my husband, and all my loved ones. I am not sure why this is? Maybe it is the just the need to fix everything for everyone, or just make sure everything is ok. I am a creature of habit, so to go off the routine or adding something that makes things a little different can also be scary to me. That is why I am always trying to look for the answer, trying to solve the issue, and making sure everything is running as normal. I just have the need for everything to be ok for everyone, including myself.

We all know the past few weeks, our world has not been ok. We are all facing a giant with this virus, that really, most of us did not see coming. Sure, we all watched the news and saw what was happening in China and Italy. However, most of us never thought we would be dealing with the same thing and in the level that we are dealing with it. I believe it was a shock to all our systems. The whole world is facing the fact that everything is not ok. We are all facing what we call a new type of normal in our lives right not. Staying at home, the social distancing, stores and jobs coming to a halt, home-schooling our kids, all of these things have now become our new daily lives.

As I said, the last few weeks have been difficult for me because I want everything to be ok or “normal”. I have found myself watching the news on TV to see what the experts or saying, or digging into articles, etc. to try and find the answer to how I can make things better or feel like everything is ok again. Why did all this happen? Why are so many getting sick? How do we help? How do we stop this from happening again. The what, why, when, and who has been deep in my thoughts. I, again, just have to figure it all out.

Then the other day, my husband made a statement that made me think I may have found the answer I was searching for. He said maybe this is one of the ways God is showing all of us that is just time to BE STILL!! No, I am not saying this is answer for the virus or everything that is happening. However, I am saying that God can make beautiful things out of ugly ones. He can use this time to bring families closer, to make people start opening their eyes on what really is important in their lives, and to deeper the connection with him. Maybe this is the world’s wake-up call to open our eyes about where our hearts are, and shift our focusing from a selfish way of life to one of love, kindness, giving, and acceptance. To make us not only love our families better, but to love EVERYONE. It is our responsibility, as Christians, to make the world a better place.

God is giving you the time now to BE STILL. He is giving you that time to spend time with your family and make your bonds stronger. He is giving you the time to reach out to others and help during this crucial time. He is giving you the time away from your hectic schedules to grab that bible you have not picked up and read and know him better. He is saying Be Still and know that I am God. Praise him, thank him, for giving the precious gift of time to be able to know him better. What a gift it is to sit in silence, without the busy noise around, and hear him talk to you. Yes, the world is scary right now, and we have so many uncertainities but we can all use this extra time that we have to take the opportunity to strengthen our bonds with God, family, and friends and cherish the time to just BE STILL.

I pray despite it all, that each of you are covered in many blessings today.

Love and hugs,


A Breath of Fresh Air

In his hands are the deep places of the earth; The heights of the hills are His also. The sea is His, for He made it; And His hands formed the dry land. Psalm 95: 4-5.

Yesterday my family and I took the day to visit my families farm which is about an hour away from our home. It isn’t often we get to go there due to the hectic schedules that we usually are trying to navigate on a daily basis. However, due to the current situation we are living in with the Covid-19 virus our busy schedules have come to a screeching halt and the spare time we rarely had has become available. I truly love the farm. It has acres and acres of untouched land with beautiful ponds and tranquil hiking trails. It is a wonderful place to hike, fish, horseback ride, or go four-wheeling like we love to do here in Eastern Kentucky. It is just a fabulous place to get outdoors and enjoy some much needed fresh air.

Since we have been in our home for some time, my family and I decided we all need to get out of the house, but do it in a safe way as well. We all just needed to get away. God gave us such a beautiful sunny day yesterday, so it was a perfect time to let go and have a little fun!! Like I mentioned in a previous blog post, everyone is feeling nervous and anxious over the current situation in the world today. It is a scary time indeed. It definitely helps if we can get away from our phones, the TV, and computers and just find some time to enjoy the the beautiful things that God has created and just clear our minds of the clutter that is there. An added bonus to the social isolation is that we also get to be with our families making memories, this is such a beautiful thing, especially with all that is going on right now. I do not want to take one moment for granted.

I could see the joy in my girl’s faces yesterday as we spent the day together. The thing I liked the most was the fact I could see the worry leave their face as well. The anxiety that has been there the past couple weeks lifted, even if it was just few short hours. It is amazing what a little sunshine and fresh air will do for the spirit. They all talked about how much fun they had and not one time was anything mentioned about any scary things that are happening right now. Everyone was truly able to just let go for a while. What a BLESSING!!!

Yesterday I just felt like I could breath. I loved spending time with my husband and girls. I loved being able to hike and fish, and ride around in the outdoors. I cherished every second of it. I loved looking around at the beautiful scenery that God made that was all around us. The beautiful trees, the grass, the ponds, the streams, the fish, and the cute little chipmunk we saw running around on our ride yesterday. All things God has made and yesterday they seemed all the more beautiful to me. I found myself saying a few more extra prayers to God yesterday for such beautiful gifts of life . How thankful I am for all that God has created, and how thankful I am that we got to take some time to enjoy it as a family, together.

I encourage each of you that can to get out and get a breath of fresh air. Go for a walk, take a drive, or just go outside and sit in the sunshine for just a few minutes. Just take some time to clear your head, and allow some sunshine to soak into your soul. Take the time to enjoy God’s beauiful creations and let it help ease the burdens of today. Say a few extra prayers of thanks for the beautiful sunshine, scenery, family, and breath that you are given today. Thank God that even though things are uncertain right now, he still has created such a breathtaking world. Take a deep breath and enjoy.

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of this hands. Psalm 19:1.

I hope each of you are covered in many blessings today.

Love and hugs,


Laundry Game Changer

Y’all, let me tell you there are not to many products out there that make me want to jump up and down and shout to the rooftops because of their awesomeness. As a wife, mother of four daughters, and dog owner, I have tried a lot of products that claim they are the best of the best, and that they will make my life easier. I’m sure most of you can relate, that as a mother we will try just about anything that claims it will help make things easier. Am I right? There has been several of these products they have lived up to their hype, and several that have been total flops.

Well, I had to share the love I have for a product with all of you. I swear, it is probably one of the best things I have ever purchased!!! This product will change your laundry game!! I promise. I felt like this was a good time to tell you about this product since everyone will be inside for some time and will have plenty of time to catch up on those piles of laundry. I also thought people may have some time to do some online shopping and start getting things ready for Spring. So you must check out the R&B 100D Narrow Wire Laundry Cart which I purchased from Amazon.

I am telling you this cart is just FABULOUS!! The quality is outstanding, it is sturdy and the wheels roll smoothly and easily. It can be taken from room to room with no difficulty, or just rolled around in the laundry room for easy folding. My mother has arthritis and back issues, she now wants to purchase one for her home because she has difficulty carrying a typical laundry basket due to her medical issues.

I laugh at myself that my life has resorted to getting excited about a laundry cart!! Wow, I sure have an exciting life, huh? Seriously though I am in love with this cart!! With a family as big as mine, and pets, I have a huge amount of laundry. I actually feel like most of my time is actually spent in my laundry room. This has really helped me achieve my laundry task with ease for sure!!! I love it so much I’m considering buying another one.

When I find some good stuff, I just have to share it with my readers. And trust me when I say, this laundry cart is good stuff!!

I pray each of you are covered in blessings today.

Love and hugs,


Raising Queens

It is no secret to anyone that my four daughters are the center of my world. I live and breath for them everyday. They truly are my biggest blessings. People always ask me how on earth do you do it with four girls? Well, what I am thinking is how can I not? I sure would not want life any other way. My girls bring life into our home and my heart and make me want to be a better person everyday. Now, I’m not one of those moms who thinks their kids are perfect and do no wrong. Trust me, they make mistakes and are in no way perfect, no one is. I can say, however, that each of them do their very best to let God guide their path, and in that I am so proud.

As a mother of four daughters it can be tricky navigating your approach in raising them into the women that you hope they will be. Unfortunately, the world we live in today makes these challenges even more difficult. In this day and age not only are we faced with the normal struggles in parenting with school, activities, peers, and dare I say it BOYS! But now we also have the influences of social media that play a huge role in the lives of our children today. To juggle all this and still be able to guide our children to make the right choices, have positive experiences, and seek God above all else can be challenging. Being a mom is hard work!!

Emma Miss Kentucky Teen 2019

In 2019 my family had a big year. Our second daughter, Emma, competed in her very first pageant, and won!!! She got to represent Kentucky as Miss Kentucky Teen and also in the Miss Teen USA pageant in Reno, Nevada and had a year full of experiences and blessings. She also received the honor in being named Homecoming Queen at her high school. A year of being a queen!! This year as I enjoyed watching Emma grow and learn from her experience it made me reflect on life with all my girls. What if I can make sure that all my girls experience being a queen every day? Not necessarily a queen in the literal sense (although that’s great too) but a queen in their hearts, minds, and overall life experiences. All girls know that being a queen seems so far out of reach. Most girls are plagued with so many insecurities that being a queen or even thinking like one seems like something that would never be a possibility for them. But I am here to tell you it is. I am here to tell you as a parent, we must start changing the atmosphere our girls are living in and change their world by making them feel like the queens they are.

How can we make our daughters feel like queens? Here are some things I have learned with raising my daughters:

  • Seek God always. We all belong to God. He is our helper, our healer, and guide. With God guiding your path being a queen is a easy thing to do, because with God all things are possible. We need to teach our daughters to pray, to dig into the Bible for answers, and to always listen to God’s voice
  • Make them get our of their comfort zone. My oldest daughter suffers from social anxiety, as do I, so I try to push her and myself to do things that is something we would not necessarily be comfortable doing. It may be going out to a social event, trying a new hobby, or meeting new people. Taylor is shy also but by encouraging her to get out of her comfort zone she decided to start her own you tube channel and her very own blog. Everyone should check her blog out!! Emma was out of her comfort zone when she competed in her pageant. She also told me my push was the reason her life was forever changed and she is grateful. So you never know what can happen and the confidence that they build in trying something new will help build that queen mentality.
  • Teach self-love. Like I said, in today’s society it so hard for anyone to love themself. We are bombarded with so much on how we should live, look, and act. It’s hard to look in the mirror and love ourselves. However, we need to teach our girls that they are perfect in God’s eyes. He made them exactly as they were meant to be. You are beautiful, for you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14. Teach your daughter to seek God’s approval, not people. God already thinks she is a queen.
  • Praise them. Don’t spend all your time nagging. Yes, we know that this sometimes can be hard to do, especially with teenagers. But tell them how proud you are of them. Tell them how kind they are, how beautiful they are, and how special they are. Let them have a home that they want to come home to. A place where praise is a priority and not negativity. This doesn’t mean to praise them constantly and never point out any flaws. As a parent it is our job to do both. To show both strengths and weaknesses, but this is about guiding them, helping them feel confident, and letting them know they can accomplish anything because you have their back. With positive reinforcement they will certainly feel like queens.
  • Teach them never to settle and dream big. This can include a lot of different areas of their lives including school, work, friends, relationships, etc. Whatever it may be, never settle. Never allow anyone to make them believe they don’t deserve the very best. Let them know they deserve to be loved, respected, and encouraged. They will certainly feel like a queen when they have the confidence to never settle. Encourage them to always dream big and go for whatever their hearts desire. It may be starting a blog, competing in a pageant, or learning something new. Whatever it maybe, teach them always to reach for the stars. God has big plans for them.
  • Teach them to be strong. Show them how to take up for themselves and the importance of not letting others influence their decisions. Make sure they are confident in who they are so they never back down on their beliefs and values. Make sure they know as a women, they have the power to change the world. Lastly, make sure they stand strong in their faith, and that no matter what others say that will never be shaken. Even when they may feel weak, God will be their strength. But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 30:31.
  • Love them. Just love them. Show them you do everyday. They are never too big for a kiss, a hug, or a pat on the back. Never stop reaching out to show them affection. They may push you off, but do it anyway. Talk to them about their lives. Make sure you show interest in things they enjoy. Listen to them and don’t be so busy that you never have time to just talk. Show them grace and forgiveness even when they do mess up. Lastly, just make sure you show them they are truly queens, not only in your eyes, but God’s as well.

I pray that each of you enjoyed this blog, and that it encourages and helps you in the raising of your queens as well. I pray today that each of you see the blessings that are around you.

Love and hugs,