A Love Story

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8.

This past weekend was magical for my family. My oldest daughter, Taylor, became engaged!! This is a moment that she has dreamed of her whole life. From the time I can remember she has always wanted get married and have babies. She loved being the mommy to her baby dolls when she was a little girl and always talked about what her wedding would look like. I will admit even though the engagement led to a day of celebration it also was a little gut-wrenching for me. Not because I wasn’t happy, but because it was just another step closer of her truly being on her own, and not so much in the safety of my arms. Yes, I will always protect her and be there for her, but she is no longer just all mine. Shew, that’s tough for this mom. It is all so bittersweet. It is hard to watch our kids grow up, but at the same time it is an honor to be able to witness these precious moments with them. When I saw her face and the happiness that radiated from it, my heart smiled. My girl was getting her dream, and the prayers that I have prayed for her were coming true.

To understand the importance of these answered prayers for me, I think I need to explain a little bit about Taylor, and her now love story. It will give a little insight on what a celebration this is for her and us. It will also show that in the end, Love Always Wins.

Since Taylor was a little one, she has been very shy and plagued with insecurities. She never really seemed to feel comfortable in her own skin. As a parent, we all always worried and questioned what we had done to cause such issues? Was it hereditary? I, myself have these issues as well. She suffered so much and was even diagnosed with anorexia when she was just in 5th grade. Yes, so young. For years she was riddled with anxiety, depression, and suffering from an eating disorder. She went to therapy, but it did not help that she was severely bullied in school, and even by those who claimed to be her friend. Because of this, as she got older, she chose bad relationship after another. She would settle far from what she deserved. The relationships were abusive and unhealthy and did not help with the inner fight that Taylor was struggling with. 

Year after year I would pray for Taylor to wake up and not have to fight anymore. That God would take the burdens that were on the inside away. That she would look in the mirror and see the beautiful person she was inside and out. I prayed for her to find good friends, and a boyfriend that would ease her troubles, not worsen them. I would say specific prayers to God that he would remove all that was negative. I asked God to place someone in Taylor’s life that would bring light, hope, understanding, patience, and unconditional love. I prayed someone would take her burdens and heal them, and if they couldn’t that would help carry them on their shoulders too just because they loved her.

Last August after the ending of a very bad relationship, Taylor met Clay. After just a few dates, I noticed a change in Taylor. Her eyes looked different. I saw life in them again. She had a genuine smile on her face that I had not seen in a long time. Her shoulders were back and her head was up. She actually seemed to have some confidence. My husband and I both commented that she seemed to be a new person. You see Taylor became a new person. She had someone in her life who didn’t judge her for her insecurities, but held her and protected her when she needed it. He also makes sure to tell her how beautiful she is, and loves her for her. Clay also respects us and loves his family fiercely. Which I respect very much.

Clay came to my husband and I and asked permission to marry Taylor. After the normal back and forth questions I told him my most important thing was for him to protect her heart. With tears in his eyes he looked at me and said “I always will”. At that point my heart knew that Taylor would be in good hands.

So, you see, it is so important to pray for our children. To speak life over them, to pray for their future and even future spouses. Prayers do work. God will take care of our children, even when as a parent it does not seem like it. With God all things are possible. My sweet little insecure baby, has found a very happy ending in her love story with Clay. What a blessing in all of our lives, and I give God the glory in making a broken girl whole again.

Two are better than one, because they have good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10.

God thank you so much for my blessings. I pray each of you are covered with many blessings today.

Love and hugs,


A New Day

His mercies never come to an end they are new every morning. Lamentations 3:22-23.

This past weekend my youngest daughter Abby had a Back to the 80’s dance at school. Now, I will admit when she told me the theme I got more than excited!! I mean, I grew up in the 80’s so, of course, it is my absolute favorite decade!! The bright clothes, the big hair, and the totally awesome music makes it a hard decade for anyone not to love, am I right? I had this perfect image in my head for a costume for her to wear. The teased hair, bright makeup, leg warmers, and neon top immediately came to mind. She was going to look totally rad!!! And guess what? She did!!! Even though she did decide her 80’s style was a little bit more toned down then the image in mommy’s head. Hey, like I said I was an 80’s baby so I couldn’t help myself. She totally rocked her look!!

Abby and her cousin Addison at the 80’s dance

Abby had a great time at her dance and made wonderful memories with her friends as they enjoyed the style and music of that decade. It is always fun to see things from a different perspective or experience the way things were at a specific time in history. It really is educational to learn from decade to decade how much things change and evolve. With each new decade comes an array of things that change. Fashion, music, technology, leaders, interests, advancements and the lists goes on. As I sit here today I am amazed at the growth and changes that have occurred just in my lifetime. I remember having a rotary phone as a little girl(most people do not even know what that is) and now I carry a little phone that can do just about anything I want around in my pocket!! WOW!! Look how amazing change can be.

As we all reflect and celebrate all the decades that have passed, it is also important for us to remember to live in today as well. Our past teaches us, our future gives us hope of what is to come, and today, well that is what we are doing now. Therefore, it is important for us to never take one single day for granted. Thank God for the past, pray for the future, and wake up each day realizing that God wakes you up everyday with a fresh start. We get a new day everyday to do whatever we want with it. So what will you do with your fresh start each day? Will you wake up with a negative attitude which may affect your entire day or will you open your eyes and thank God for another day to live, another week, another month, another year, another decade? It is so easy to get so caught up in the everyday routine of life and not see that each and everyday is truly a blessing. We truly need to start celebrating every day, not dreading it. Each day we wake up and take a breath, God has given us a gift. A gift to nurture and cherish, a gift to use wisely to accomplish all that we want in life, and hopefully to help give back in the lives of others as well.

So again, it is fun to celebrate the decades and remember the times that have passed. It is also fun to sit and daydream and plan on what our future holds as well. Both of these are great. We must be careful, however to not live in the past, or stay in a state of dreaming about the future. We must remember to celebrate everyday. Take the time everyday to look around and find the blessing, even if it is in the littlest things. Hey, you may be filling blessed that today you no longer have that big, frizzy 80’s hair!! And guess what? That is ok, blessings come in all forms!! I urge you not to take today for granted, live life to the fullest everyday. Say a prayer everyday thanking God for another day for a fresh start. Thank God for the memories of the past, the great things to come in the future, and most of all thank him for today and go out and make it count.

I pray that all of you are covered in blessings today.

Love and hugs,