About Me:

Hi!! I’m Jennifer and welcome to my blog!! I’m so excited you are here!!

I am a 44 year old stay at home mom, Christian, and mother with four beautiful daughters, and a wonderful husband . I am absolutely dog crazy and currently have three dogs and would have more if my hubby would allow it!!! I have a background in nursing/recruiting and even went a different route and owned my own gift boutique for several years.

This blog has been a dream of mine for quite some time. Since I was a little girl I have always enjoyed writing, I guess you could say it was like therapy to me most of the time. Now that I am a full-time stay at home mom, I finally have time to make my dream a reality.

I look forward to sharing my life with you I and pray that I can be a light to each and every person that visits. I have been blessed with my four daughters and every year as they get older, I find myself growing and learning right along with them. It is some of these things I have learned that I am excited to share with you as well. I have also been married for 24 years to my husband. Our road has not been easy, and the journey to where we are today has taken blood, sweat, and tears. Literally!!! The journey we have had, has made me the person I am today and is my biggest testimony!! I can’t wait to hopefully inspire you with these stories but also others on parenting, marriage, and some fun things too!!

Just know, no matter what you are going through, there are blessings all around. I hope this blog helps you see those blessings and that it brings you hope, inspiration, and encouragement. I pray through my stories you see that, with God anything is possible. With God at the center of our lives, and our family we can see blessings even in the messy days. My blessings certainly are my husband and my four blessings in pink, my daughters.

Let’s meet my family!!

My husband Ryan, we were high school sweethearts, and have been married for 24 years
Taylor my oldest daughter she is 21 and a junior in college, studying to be a teacher
Emma age 18. She is a senior in high school and will be attending UK in the fall
Elle Rose, she is 14 and has the best heart around. Everyone says she is an angel.
Abby Ryan she is 11, and is our feisty one!! She loves to cheer and keeps us on our toes.

Our fur babies Penny, Winnie, and Lola
Aren’t they cute?

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